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For the first time ever, we are offering a half day of free MSP Cybersecurity Practice Development Training!

To kick off this urgent and crucial conversation around Cybersecurity, Jay Ryerse and Drew Sanford are bringing their renowned Continuum MSP Cybersecurity GTM Roadmap to our IT Nation Share community. By attending this meeting, you will receive a free ticket to an upcoming ConnectWise Certify Cybersecurity Fundamentals certification course.

Security Sessions

customer service

Why Cybersecurity and the Impact on Service Providers 

Cybersecurity has become a major focus for your SMB clients. We'll review the impact on service providers and what's next for our industry.


Cybersecurity Culture

Gone are the days in which cybersecurity can be something done after a network is deployed. We'll discuss the significance of moving cyberculture to the top of the stack.


5 Types of Go to Market (GTM) Strategies for Cybersecurity

We have identified the five strategies used by service providers and will share the significance of each as part of your cyber strategy.


Cybersecurity Packaging & Pricing Models

We'll discuss the most common security packages and pricing models used by service providers including samples from existing partners.


Selling Cybersecurity | Sales Roadmap and the Cybersecurity Conversation

Join us to discuss creating a plan for talking with your clients about cybersecurity. We'll even provide a simple solution for your clients who already think you offer cybersecurity as part of your services.


Holding a Successful Cybersecurity Event

We'll share proven methods for hosting a cybersecurity event and show why this is the fastest way to accelerate your cyber practice.

employee training

Using Security Awareness Training (SAT) as a GTM Strategy

We'll cover an easy to implement strategy around guiding your clients towards security leveraging a LIVE Security Awareness Training methodology.


ConnectWise Cybersecurity Ecosystem

In this session, we are going to share the Cybersecurity Ecosystem and provide guidance on aligning your cyber stack with tools and solutions available from ConnectWise.


Future of "Share Cybersecurity" Group Discussion 

This will be an open discussion to drive the roadmap for future IT Nation Share Cybersecurity events, with an emphasis on what our partners feel is important.


Networking Opportunities

Throughout the day, have the opportunity to network with renowned security experts Jay Ryerse and Joy Beland.

Partner Support