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June 23 – 26, 2020 | Virtual


See the Highlights of Our 2020 Sessions

Learn more about the in-depth ConnectWise product education you can find at IT Nation Explore. Select a track to learn more.


Human Resources Automation

Expanding your team and managing HR needs can be challenging. By making ConnectWise Manage your source of truth, your HR processes can become automated! Join this session to learn how you can take control of hiring applicants, manage PTO requests, and track time accruals using ConnectWise Manage.

PTO Time Management

Everyone needs a vacation! Managing PTO and vacations can be a challenge for any organization. Join us while we discuss managing paid time off requests in manage with employee specific agreements and automation. When you leave this session, you'll feel confident while you're drinking pina coladas at your beautiful resort.

Utilization & Chargeability

Getting the most out of your team is essential to running an efficient service team. However, tracking, managing, and reporting this information can be a daunting task. With effective use of the dispatch portal, work types, and some good old fashioned reporting, you can ensure that you are getting the most out of your service team.


Invoicing & GL Lab

You can be amazingly productive, but if your billing process is lacking, your business could be headed for trouble. In this session, we'll take a look at invoicing in ConnectWise® Manage™, including generating standard and special invoicing and agreements. We'll also examine GL accounts, which ones your company may need, and how to set them up. Plus, you'll get an understanding of how GL accounts map items on invoices.

Financial Deep Dive

Your financial dashboard can reveal your business health at-a-glance, helping you make immediate and long-term strategy decisions. But do you know what to look for and where to find it? This session will take a deep dive into what is available in your dashboard, and where. Get a better understanding of how the dashboard functions on a monthly basis, where data is pulled from, and the "hot spots" you need to keep an eye on.

Advanced Agreements

This session will get you familiar with examples of recurring contracts, walk you through converting an opportunity to a sales order, and give you insight on tracking hours, along with setting up exclusions and override rates. We'll also cover agreement reconciliation reporting and review agreement profitability.

Automate Guru

ConnectWise Automate Architecture

Take a look under the hood of ConnectWise Automate and learn how all of the components are configured, and what they do. We'll take a look at WebSockets, Event-Driven Architecture, New APIs, Security and Scalability efforts. Peek into the future as we discuss the current initiatives of the ConnectWise Automate Architecture team and how they're working to improve performance and provide enhanced usability.

Scripting 301 Lab

As your company's ConnectWise Automate guru, this interactive lab will get you started on the basics of group structuring, search creation, monitor building, and how it all ties together. This lab will cover developing the layout of the service plan and creating all the required groups, additional fields, searches, and templates.

Report Designer Lab

Join us in this hands-on lab as we explore the ConnectWise Automate Report Center plug-in! The first part of the lab focuses on exploring the fundamentals of navigating and using the Report Center. The second part is an introduction to the Report Designer, teaching you how to personalize a report.

Business Content & Professional Development

Networking Session: People & Performance

The most challenging part of a leadership role is always the people aspect. Join this networking session to discuss with your peers tips, tricks, and best practices for managing people in the IT services industry beyond!

Transformation from Technician to Service Manager

Professional growth and opportunity is always top of mind for most people, but how do you actually transition from an individual contributor role to a leadership position? Join this session to learn what you should be accomplishing and contributing to your team to show you are ready for a leadership role.

Service KPIs to Transform Your Service Delivery

As a business matures, it’s important to manage to what good looks like. This session will cover the in/outs of understanding which service KPIs you should be monitoring, what does good look like, and how to implement processes for improvement.

Sales Ops

Effective Sales Handoffs

Communication between teams can be challenging, especially during the sales handoff after a deal is won. Join us as we dive into features of ConnectWise Sell and ConnectWise Manage that help you more consistently deliver a flawless handoff from sales to service.

Building A Sales Process with Manage & Sell

The only requirement for this session is a desire to standardize your sales processes. We cover the importance of a defined sales process, utilizing tools such as Opportunity Statuses, Stages, Quote Templates, and the Success List. After attending, you will have the tools necessary to create a repeatable and personalized standard process for seamless sales handoffs.

Quoting for Recurring Revenue Lab

Recurring revenue is the best way to ensure business longevity. Join our session and learn how you can create terms for recurring revenue on a quote, pass recurring revenue to ConnectWise Manage, display recurring revenue on Order Porter, and create new grid layouts.


Maturity of Monitors

Join us as we discuss the different types of monitors in ConnectWise Automate and how you can use them to provide better client support. We’ll go over the various levels of monitor-generated alerts, going from reactive to proactive, and how automation and scripting can provide consistent issue resolution and happier clients.

Scripting to Detect and Resolve Vulnerabilities

Join us in the Scripting to Detect and Resolve Vulnerabilities lab session to learn how to leverage the power of the ConnectWise Automate script engine to enhance your security and resolve potential vulnerabilities before they become liabilities. In this session, we will cover how to test for insecure passwords and open ports, how to detect known malicious executables, use of script cleaning utilities, and how to install antivirus solutions via scripts.

Best Practices in Patching

Patching is one of the most important, and time consuming, aspects of network security. Join this session to learn patching best practices for Windows. In this session, we'll cover ways to organize groups, timing for patch and reboot policies for user endpoints, strategies for approving patches, default or master policy, the one-off policy for specific agents, workstations, and servers, and background timing for the patch manager.

Service Delivery

Reporting For Duty

Making sense of data can be difficult, but it is very important. This session will cover some of our favorite standard reports in the service module that help give you insight into your team's workings.

Advanced Ticketing with Automate and Manage

Join this session to learn how to automate everything from ticket routing to time entries using the combined power of ConnectWise Manage® and Automate®! The ConnectWise Manage Integration provides Automate users the ability to map the status, priority, and ticket category so that the integration is seamless. In addition, this session covers how to add script notes and time to tickets in Manage and configure ticket reporting. If you are looking to take your Manage and Automate partnership to the next level and want to save yourself from headaches in the process, join this advanced ticketing session.

Advanced Configurations

Configurations in ConnectWise are one of the most powerful tools for accurately tracking critical information in order to effectively service your clients and run your business. Beyond access to information, configurations are also leveraged in other ways across your business to help eliminate the silos of chaos, and improve efficiency. Join this session to learn how to take your business to the next level by maximizing the usage of Marketing Configurations, Sales Configurations, and answer types for custom questions!

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