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June 21 - 23, 2021 | Orlando, FL


Your Daily Keynote Breakdown

ConnectWise Company Strategy

Today centered on ConnectWise’s long-term strategy and 2020 priorities for the company, as well as the impact of COVID-19 on the TSP industry, including hardships and opportunities.

What Is The IT Nation?

Craig Fulton, Chief Customer Officer at ConnectWise, walks us through a breakdown of The IT Nation and the properties within—what they mean for ConnectWise and how they can help you find your professional and personal success in the IT industry.

ConnectWise Company Strategy

Jason Magee, Chief Executive Officer of ConnectWise, gives us a breakdown of the long-term ConnectWise strategy and mission: To empower technology solution providers to realize their vision of success. He also gives us a glimpse into the immediate priorities for 2020: partner experience, partner success, and the unified platform.

The ConnectWise Unified Platform

The new ConnectWise Unified Platform is making it easier than ever to run your business, deliver your services and secure yourself and your clients by delivering the solutions and services TSPs need to achieve their vision of success. Business management solutions, including a PSA, quote and proposal software, IT documentation, and business intelligence, make running your business as easy as clicking a mouse. Two powerful RMMs, BDR, and remote access keep your clients up and running from anywhere, at any time. The intelligent cybersecurity threat detection and 24/7 SOC support provide comprehensive protection to show cybercriminals you mean business.

New Product Branding

The legacy Continuum® solutions have been transitioned to the ConnectWise master brand as the next step towards the unified ConnectWise platform. The new solution names announced today are:

  • • ConnectWise Command®, formerly a Continuum solution
  • • ConnectWise Fortify®, formerly a Continuum solution
  • • ConnectWise Recover®, formerly a Continuum solution
  • • ConnectWise Assist®, formerly a Continuum solution
COVID-19 Recovery

COVID-19 caused an increase in financial hardships for technology solution providers (TSPs) and SMBs in our community. That’s why we launched the ConnectWise Foundation COVID-19 Relief Fund to offer grants to members of our IT community. With the help from donations, ConnectWise colleagues, ConnectWise leadership, and vendors, we’ve raised over $200,000 to help those in need!

TSP Opportunities Coming Out of COVID-19

In addition to the hardships that were brought about by COVID-19, the IT industry has seen some noticeable opportunities as well. The top opportunities validated by thought leaders and vendors in the ecosystem were: work from home, customer acquisition, and cybersecurity. 55% of previously centralized-office SMBs are planning to offer work from home—or at least a hybrid model going forward—giving TSPs an opportunity to offer their services to help protect at home devices and networks. Prior to COVID-19, 50% of the 75 million global SMBs did not have an agreement with a TSP. COVID-19 has made it obvious that every SMB needs regular technical support to support their remote workforces. Even though cybersecurity is not a new opportunity, it has evolved due to the increased risk of work from home environments. 92% of TSPs would consider switching MSPs for the right cybersecurity solution. The ConnectWise Unified Platform has you covered and can help you take advantage of all of these opportunities today.

ConnectWise’s Commitment to Cybersecurity

Back in 2018, ConnectWise began its journey towards making cybersecurity a priority. This journey began with an investment in Perch Security, and the acquisition of The Sienna Group. Then in 2019, we launched ConnectWise Identify and the TSP-ISAO, acquired Continuum, and transitioned the TSP-ISAO to CompTia. In 2020, we have over 3000 attendees of our cybersecurity certification program, ConnectWise Certify. We are also launching two new ConnectWise Fortify products, for SaaS Security and for Assessment. IT Nation Secure also launched today as the cybersecurity hub for thought leadership, education, and certification.

ConnectWise Platform

Today’s keynote focused on the ConnectWise platform, our Unified Platform strategy, RMM, business management, and product updates we developed for owners and technicians.

New Collective Product Team

With the Continuum and ITBoost acquisitions came a large pool of talented product colleagues bringing their talents to the existing ConnectWise product team. The ConnectWise product team now has a global reach with over 10 locations around the world, spanning from the United States, to Europe, to India. This team of over 600 colleagues is unified in their mission to centralize our technologies with a focus on quality, security, and transparency.

New and Updated Cybersecurity Products

The product team has updated ConnectWise Recover®, formerly a Continuum solution, to include coverage of cloud SaaS solutions, such as GSuite, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce. The security product family: ConnectWise Fortify®, formerly a Continuum solution, announced an updated Assessment as well as a new product for SaaS Security.

Development of the ConnectWise Unified Platform

The current ConnectWise solution set is made up of several products that were developed according to different development logic and by different teams due to growth by acquisition. The product team is dedicated to unifying the platform to provide scalability, rapid innovation, and a secure platform. This new, unified platform will be built upon a shared foundation, continue to support an open ecosystem through deep integrations, and provide each partner with choice and flexibility.

Remote Monitoring & Management Solution Updates

The product team has been focused on making life better for the product champion when it comes to RMM. ConnectWise Command®, formerly a Continuum solution, can now be accessed from within ConnectWise Manage®. Available in Q3, ConnectWise Command will also have deep integrations with ConnectWise Control® and BrightGauge®. 2020 is the “Year of the Admin” for the ConnectWise Automate® product team—they have been focusing on maintenance mode, script schedules, SSO desktop client, and user management.

Getting TSPs Paid Faster!

The ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Sell® product teams have been focusing on getting TSPs paid faster by ensuring accurate and profitable quotes, and increasing invoice clarity for TSP clients. 90% of invoicing costs come from the labor of preparing and editing invoices. We’re introducing multi-level approvals in ConnectWise Sell and improved billing in ConnectWise Manage.

ConnectWise Cybersecurity Solutions

Today was all about the ConnectWise cybersecurity mission and how ConnectWise and The IT Nation are supporting MSPs on their journey to becoming an MSP+.

Watch the Keynote >>

The ConnectWise Security Strategy

As Jason stated in the Company Strategy keynote, cybersecurity is not a new opportunity for TSPs, but it has evolved and is seen as an even higher priority now for SMBs. There are many challenges that TSPs face in trying to master cybersecurity: tool sprawl, signal to noise, domain expertise, communication, and monetization. The ConnectWise cybersecurity mission is to provide a unified security solution that enables TSPs to efficiently sell and deliver effective and comprehensive security solutions.

The Vision of Cybersecurity Solutions

ConnectWise Fortify®, formerly a Continuum solution, will focus on creating a cybersecurity portfolio that unifies security visibility and reporting, automates analysis and prioritization, offers correlated management of an open ecosystem, offers 24/7/365 proactive SOC support, has integrated response and remediation capabilities, and has MSP centric threat intelligence.

Learn More About ConnectWise Fortify >>

Announcing IT Nation Secure, Cybersecurity by ConnectWise

IT Nation Secure is an umbrella of offerings that includes educational training and assets, thought leadership, information sharing, engagement, and business building that is aligned to the MSP+ Cybersecurity Framework. It includes consumable content and actionable steps for an MSP to produce, implement, and run a successful security practice within their business. This includes advice and best practices on how MSPs can have a conversation about cybersecurity with their customers, as well as how they can set expectations from a contracting standpoint on who owns the risk.

Learn More About IT Nation Secure >>

The MSP+ Cybersecurity Framework

The IT Nation Secure MSP+ Cybersecurity Framework is designed for MSPs and defines what good cybersecurity looks like. It is supported by a maturity model focused on guiding the service provider towards cybersecurity success and becoming a true MSP+.

Download the MSP+ Framework Today >>

Cybersecurity Education With ConnectWise Certify

IT Nation Secure includes a robust program of education, information sharing, engagement, and business building. This education track supports MSPs, improves their cybersecurity posture for their clients, guides them through the security journey towards profitability, and is aligned to the MSP+ Cybersecurity Framework. Over 3000 partners have attended the ConnectWise Certify courses in 2020, and these courses are free for Owners, Sales Reps, and Engineers.

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IT Nation Secure Events

The IT industry’s must-attend cybersecurity events to help you reduce risk, grow your business, and streamline your cybersecurity service delivery for your clients. The IT Nation Secure events include monthly briefings and IT Nation Secure Live events that will be part of IT Nation Connect in November.

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Announcing ConnectWise Fortify for SaaS Security

Designed for MSPs supporting Microsoft® cloud environments, Fortify for SaaS Security is a detection and response solution designed to monitor active Microsoft accounts for anomalous user behavior, distinguishing potentially malicious activities from legitimate user activities. The product helps MSPs protect their clients against one of the top threat vectors to SMBs: business email compromise through Microsoft 365. It provides detailed reporting and visibility into Microsoft 365 security events, along with correlation of events and full SOC support and remediation recommendations to help MSPs quickly identify security issues and address them without needing to scale up their own costs and resources.  This solution is based on Perch’s native Microsoft 365 monitoring, and adds custom alerting, policies, visualizations, and SOC support to make it easily consumable for MSPs.

With more critical data being stored in the Microsoft cloud than ever before, applications like Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and OneDrive are prime targets for business email compromises and ransomware attacks. As a detection and response solution, Fortify for SaaS Security provides partners the confidence of offering an added layer of detection to protect customers from these critical threats. ConnectWise Fortify for SaaS Security will be available in July.

Updates to ConnectWise Fortify for Assessment

ConnectWise Fortify for Assessment is designed to help MSPs effectively sell security to SMB prospects. In Q3, an advanced version of ConnectWise Fortify for Assessment that streamlines the pre-sales process with a holistic report of security, risk, and data from a vulnerability scanner will be released. TSPs can have a higher value sales conversation with the potential client and the confidence of having a clear picture of the client’s health.

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ConnectWise Fortify MSP+ Foundation Pack

Our MSP+ Foundation Pack provides you with the tools, services, and training you need to implement advanced cybersecurity and offer clients peace of mind today while setting them up to scale for the future.

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