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partner conference by ConnectWise

June 22 – 24, 2020 | Orlando, FL


Calling All ConnectWise Innovators!


Unleash Innovation & Take ConnectWise Out of the Box

Today, the ability to create a more seamless experience with your software solutions is easier than ever. We want you to show off your skills this year at IT Nation Explore by demonstrating how you can unleash innovation and take ConnectWise products out of the box to solve for your specific business challenges.

What you are solving for:

For this year's Hack-a-thon, we will have a few scenarios for a team of technology integrators to solve for using our latest and greatest SDKs and APIs. Specific scenario’s will be released to contestants two weeks prior to the competition.

Judging the Integration: All integrations will be judged on the following criteria:


Technical Difficulty

user experience





Business Potential


Overall Quality

Okay, I'm In! How Do I Get Involved?

Individuals or teams of up to three can take on the challenge and participate in our IT Nation Explore Hack-a-thon. Here’s how it works:

Register to participate. Email us to get on the list. (If you've already denoted during registration that you'd like to participate, no need to email us again.) Keep an eye out in your inbox for an email full of tips and tricks to get you ready for action!

The week of May 27, we'll send you the scenarios so you can work on your solutions at home before IT Nation Explore. Come prepared to present your solution on June 13th during the Welcome Reception. You'll be presenting to our panel of esteemed judges!

WIN! The grand prize is a free spot at IT Nation Connect 2019. We'll also have some pretty sweet prizes for our runners up. After the competition, all that's left for you to do is enjoy IT Nation Explore -- network, learn, and spend time with your peers. Once you get back to the office, be prepared to wow your team with your awesomeness!

Please Note: Participants should have some knowledge of the ConnectWise Automate SDK, VB.NET, or C#, as well as the ConnectWise Manage REST API.

Questions? Send a note to the Platform team.

Think You Have What It Takes?

Show us how you take ConnectWise out of the box!
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