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June 22 – 24, 2020 | Orlando, FL


Cybersecurity Certification

Join security experts for this free training event to learn about foundations of security, including industry standards, best practices, and products, as well as training sessions tailored specifically for sales professionals and engineers.

Sales & Engineer Trainings

Fundamentals for Sales

Sell your security services and solutions with confidence to meet the challenges of today’s SMBs. Learn how to handle objections that come up during the sales conversations and present the value your security provides. Pre-day training concludes with a ConnectWise Certify exam.

Fundamentals for Engineers

Gain a more comprehensive understanding of the technical side of cybersecurity. Learn about the latest tools you’ll want to bring into your solution’s stack, the ins and outs of incident response planning, and an overview of intrusion detection and malware analysis. Pre-day training concludes with a ConnectWise Certify exam.

Meet the Team

Jay Ryerse

Jay Ryerse, CISSP
Vice President, Cybersecurity Initiatives

Jay brings more than 25 years of experience providing Information Technology and security solutions to businesses of all sizes. He’s the previous owner of a successful Atlanta-based MSP and was the CEO of CARVIR, the cybersecurity company acquired by Continuum in 2018. Today he works closely with IT service providers and MSPs to provide insight and best practices for securing business networks.

Joy Beland

Joy Beland, Security+, CSX|F, SSAP
Senior Cybersecurity Education Director

Joy joined the IT Nation team in 2019 after 20 years of owning and managing her own MSP. Joy’s goal is to help partners to develop and grow their cyber practice by communicating security in a way that is engaging and comprehensive, helping to fulfill her mission to increase the cyber resilience of MSP practices as well as the small businesses they manage.

Drew Sanford
Director of Technical Sales

Drew Sanford is a leader that lives each day to grow the adoption of quality security practices in the TSP/MSSP community. Drew has over 25 years of experience in delivering information security services into global organizations. As Director of Technical Sales and formerly the Director of SOC Operations for ConnectWise, Drew engages with partners in expanding their operational maturity.


"The NIST training filled in several gaps for me which will improve how I use NIST protocols when creating customer assessments. I also found the clear relationship between functions and the security product(s) very helpful."

Steve Miller, Decision Digital

"Learning from the Certify team about the NIST Framework and how to have the conversation with our clients about risk, vulnerabilities and business impact, has been a pivotal tool for our MSP in selling cybersecurity. We now understand how this expert-level consultative conversation fits into our sales roadmap and gives us the confidence we need to get in front of our clients with solutions that make sense. We would recommend Certify to every MSP to bolster their cybersecurity roadmap."

Krista Arthur, Consilien

"Joy and Jay really emphasized and solidified the Data OWNER (client) role versus our role as the MSP in protecting them. We also greatly appreciated the section on qualifying questions and handling objections. We are very excited to apply what we’ve learned!"

Sabrina Bernardi, Clare Computer Solutions

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