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partner conference by ConnectWise

June 22 – 24, 2020 | Orlando, FL


ConnectWise Product Training Highlighted Sessions

For the first time ever at IT Nation Explore, we are offering training on the entire ConnectWise suite of products. See our highlighted sessions for each solution!

ConnectWise® Manage™ Sessions & Labs

SAAS-y Agreements

This session will cover the setup of advanced Manage Agreements, focusing on the demands of SAAS contracts. We will recap agreement setup, review the use of custom work roles and types, overages, and agreement additions.

ConnectWise Manage Enhancements You May Have Missed

ConnectWise Manage is frequently adding new enhancements to help make your experience that much easier. With all these great improvements in each release, it can be hard to keep up with the ones that have the most beneficial impact on your day-to-day processes. In this session, we will review some important enhancements that have been recently released, and even give you a sneak peek of some things that are coming soon. Get ready to catch up on what you might have missed with ConnectWise Manage.

Advanced Configurations

Configurations in ConnectWise are one of the most powerful tools for accurately tracking critical information in order to effectively service your clients and run your business. Beyond access to information, configurations are also leveraged in other ways across your business to help eliminate the silos of chaos, and improve efficiency. Join this session to learn how to take your business to the next level by maximizing the usage of Marketing Configurations, Sales Configurations, and answer types for custom questions!

Maximize Service Delivery

Here's where you'll get the inside scoop on using ConnectWise Manage & ConnectWise Automate together to maximize efficiency. We'll walk you through status and priority mapping, ticket category mapping, passing time to tickets, scripting tips when updating tickets, adding script notes to ConnectWise Manage tickets, and much more.

Evaluating Member Effectiveness with Reports

Tracking member effectiveness can be a complicated endeavor, since this is not always as simple as hours in the office or even hours billed to a client. In this session we will cover Manage reports assessing member billable time, utilization, and performance to get the most well rounded view of our your.

ConnectWise® Automate™ Sessions & Labs

Automation Lab 101 & 201

As your company’s ConnectWise Automate guru, this interactive lab will get you started on group structuring, search creation, monitor building, and how it all ties together. This lab will cover developing the layout of the service plan and creating all the required groups, additional fields, searches, and templates.

Monitoring 101 & 201

Join this session to get acquainted with monitoring with ConnectWise Manage, ConnectWise Automate, and ConnectWise Sell. Then, take it to the next level with this advanced session on monitoring with ConnectWise Automate. Dive deeper into details about remote monitors, including flipping, event log monitoring, and targeting mode.You'll leave more confident in your ability to stay on top of your clients' IT networks and devices.

Scripting 101, 201, & 301

Want to be able to fix problems or perform common tasks automatically? Then ConnectWise Automate scripting is what you're looking for! Let’s take a look at the power of scripting to open your eyes to the possibility of what can be accomplished with this very powerful tool.

Deep Dive into Automate Integrations

Join this session to learn how to utilize Automate's new RESTful API , get up to speed on best practices, and explore new features!

Patch Manager Lab

Keeping your clients safe from security vulnerabilities starts with patching policies. Become an expert as we explore how ConnectWise Automate handles patch management, configuring groups and policies, customizing your Patch Manager with EDF's and searches, and how to troubleshoot patching.

Report Designer Lab

Join us in this hands-on lab as we explore the ConnectWise Automate Report Center plug-in! The first part of the lab focuses on exploring the fundamentals of navigating and using the Report Center. The second part is an introduction to the Report Designer, teaching you how to personalize a report.

ConnectWise® Control™ Sessions & Labs

ConnectWise Control Extension Development

Did you know you can develop your own custom extensions and integrations in ConnectWise Control? In this session, you'll learn how to develop your own extensions and integrations and leave with your own working example. Bring your laptops for this hands-on mini-lab!

ConnectWise Control: Advanced Techniques Mini Lab

If you're only using ConnectWise Control to remote into devices, you're only using about 15% of the product. Unlock the full capability of ConnectWise Control and harness its power to supercharge your service delivery. During this hands-on lab, we'll go over some advanced toolbox functionality and techniques using You'll also learn how to develop your own extensions and integrations with ConnectWise Control and leave with your own working example.

Tools for Success in ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control lets you remotely support clients from anywhere in the world. In this product session, you’ll learn how to create session groups for client organization, use command line for remote client management, and allow users access to their machines through security and roles.

ConnectWise® Sell™ Sessions & Labs

Automation in Sell

Keeping quotes, opportunities, and renewals up to date can be a cumbersome manual process. Using tools like the SuccessList, Quote Demand, and more will save your team time and create consistency in your sales process.

Effective Sales Hand-Offs

Communication between teams can be challenging, especially during the sales handoff after a deal is won. Join us as we dive into features of ConnectWise Sell and ConnectWise Manage that help you more consistently deliver a flawless handoff from sales to service.

Quoting for Recurring Revenue Lab

Recurring revenue is the best way to ensure business longevity. Join our session and learn how you can create terms for recurring revenue on a quote, pass recurring revenue to ConnectWise Manage, display recurring revenue on Order Porter, and create new grid layouts.

Intro to Form Design

This session is a high-level introductory course on the basics of Form Design. We will cover navigating the form design software, how Quote Data flows through a Quote Form, and basic presentation of Quote Data. You will learn about the xrpt file, how it works and what the basic tools for editing are.

Preventing Sloppy Quotes

Preventing sloppy quotes is an essential part of the sales process. Since quotes are representative of your organization, they should be reviewed and generated in line with your brand standards. Join us while we walk through the process of ensuring your quote templates are in line with standards, contain properly sourced products, and quotes are delivered to clients after they've gone through an approval process.

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