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IT Nation Evolve

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The Language of IT Nation Evolve

Get familiar with common terminology used in IT Nation Evolve

The Different Levels of IT Nation Evolve

Evolve 1 / Accelerator

Evolve 1 are online peer groups. They are ideal for smaller TSPs and meet once per month via webinar. These groups do not benchmark in SLI, but do follow the 4 Plans and work as accountability peer groups.

Evolve 2

You may know Evolve 2 as Engage. These groups meet face-to-face quarterly and are the newest members of IT Nation Evolve. Members stay in this group for up to one year prior to moving to a traditional peer group.

Evolve 3

Evolve 3 are our traditional face-to-face peer groups. These groups meet quarterly and work on accountability, goal setting, and business growth.

Geographical Breakdown of IT Nation Evolve


Groups with a 100 number are businesses located in Australia and New Zealand, also referred to as APAC.


Groups with a 200 number are businesses located in Europe, also referred to as EMEA.

North America

Groups with a 300 number are businesses located in the United States and Canada, also referred to as North America.

Commonly Used Terms in IT Nation Evolve


Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) refers to a company’s earnings before the deduction of interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization expenses. It is a financial indicator used widely as a measure of efficiency and profitability.


Highest And Best Use (of time).

Lunch & Learn

A 45-minute interaction with an Evolve group. Can be used to share subject matter expertise, as well as to educate the group about their products and offerings. The facilitator of the peer group works hand-in-hand with the vendor to set the presenter up for success and also to help moderate the conversation in the room.


Operational Maturity Level by Service Leadership Incorporated — A systematic, proven methodology for determining the SP/MSPs management team’s current understanding of the foundational needs of excellent Solution Provider operations. It also shows the SP’s management team the next steps to laying that foundation from their current point in the process. The OML© approach encompasses all aspects of running a profitable and growing SP/MSP business. It includes marketing and sales and their supporting operations, service operations, and back office administration.


Quarterly Business Report — The information presented by each Evolve member company to their Peer Group during the quarterly meetings.


Service Leadership Index® — The broadest and most detailed, ongoing financial and operational benchmark of Solution Providers, developed by 20+ year veterans of the industry and available to Solution Provider and channel executives.

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