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IT Nation Evolve

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In-Depth Sessions to Help You Grow in Life and in Business

IT Nation Evolve coaching and consulting is designed to help you reach new heights in both life and in business. With the help of a certified team of consultants, you’ll define and accomplish specific goals that will launch your personal and professional life. The IT Nation Evolve consulting and coaching team of seasoned professionals have led their own companies through a wide variety of situations and have proven track records. The IT Nation Evolve LifePlan® and StratOp® are powerful and proven processes that will push you to achieve your desired growth and legacy.

What is a LifePlan?

A LifePlan is a one-on-one consulting experience designed to help you discover your specific purpose in life and what you need to do to accomplish it. Over the course of two days, you’ll be paired with a skilled LifePlan certified facilitator. With them, you’ll engage in in-depth sessions that prompt thought and help you come up with a plan to help you live your life to the fullest.

Consider LifePlan a two-day investment with a guided process meant to focus you on your defined purpose in life, and the actions you need to take to achieve it.

What is a StratOp?

StratOp is a powerful and proven process built to help you grow a profitable and successful organization. It focuses your team around the same mission and vision, and provides them with a clear plan to make it all a reality. A StratOp blends strategy (the art of managing tomorrow) with operations (the discipline of managing today). The connecting thread is finance. Both strategy and operations must be financed, so StratOp weaves all three together to help your team prepare for liftoff and rise to new success.

At the end of your three-day session, led by an IT Nation Evolve facilitator, you will have a plan and a motivated team ready to execute it. They’ll have a clear vision, supported by measurable actions that are incrementally installed and adaptable to change as necessary.

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