Sponsored Pre-Event Workshops

November 10

Marketopia logo
Marketopia’s 4U2GROW Conference 2021 @ It Nation Connect

8:00am - 5:00pm

Cost: Free

Calling all MSPs, VARs, CSPs, and technology service providers: What will your business look like when you reach your wildest growth dreams? In this deep-dive pre-day session, the sales and marketing experts at Marketopia will take you through a lead-generation journey of best practices, industry secrets, and proven success tactics that fuel unprecedented growth. Come ready to learn and leave with actionable steps you can take to boost sales and generate more revenue.  

At this comprehensive session, we’ll cover topics including: 

  • Proven paths to your most daring growth goals
  • The hard truth about why salespeople fail
  • Building a sales machine that drives consistent results
  • Adapting your sales process to fit the lead
  • Leveraging your personal brand to drive business growth
  • The surprising reality behind marketing failures
barracuda MSP logo
Cybersecurity Sales and Marketing Masterclass

8:00am - 12:00pm EST

Cost: Free

MSPs are quickly emerging as a driving force in the managed security services landscape. However, in order to distinguish yourself, it’s vital that you become an authority in your field. Join Aidan Kehoe, Barracuda MSP’s SVP of Managed XDR and Jimmy Hatzell, Director of Marketing of MSP XDR at Barracuda MSP, where you’ll walk away with the essentials for operating as a successful IT business owner/executive. Learn how to leverage Aidan’s cybersecurity sales process used to sign his first customers, which included mid-market and Fortune 500 companies. Jimmy is prepared to help you develop your personal brand and annual marketing plans to execute on thought leadership campaigns. Join us so you can effectively sell your cyber offering and refine your messaging for optimal growth.

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Hack_it Pre-Day: Cybersecurity Training for IT Professionals*

1:00pm - 5:00pm

Cost: $225

When two opposing sides face-off, each has its own offensive and defensive tactics in play. The former usually focuses on exploiting your opponent’s weaknesses, while the latter is designed to protect your interests.

As cybersecurity professionals, we often find ourselves playing defense and reacting to the moves of our opponents… but what if we could bring a bit more offense to the table?

In this pre-day event, we’ll dig into both sides of the cybersecurity game. Join us and discover whether defense can actually win championships-or if the best defense is, in fact, great offense.

*Additional fee required

November 9

Ransomware 101: Every Insight and Tool You’ll Need To Play Defense

1:00pm - 3:00pm EST

Cost: Free

Cybercrime rose by nearly 600% during the pandemic and Ransomware was one of the main culprits for this steep increase. MSPs and IT Teams are still scrabbling to bolster their security stack in order to defend against potential attacks. Join us for our 2-hour class with Dr. Christine Izuakor, a cybersecurity expert as we discuss:

  • Ransomware 101
  • The Colonial Pipeline Breach, Kaseya, and more
  • Ransomware As A Service
  • Anti-virus is not enough
  • Ransomware detection and prevention tools
  • Backup in your in Ransomware protection strategy