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IT Nation Connect

IT conference by ConnectWise


See What Sessions You Can Expect at IT Nation Connect

Curious about the breakout sessions and product education you can discover in Amsterdam? From product training to industry thought leadership, find valuable content for every part of your organisation. IT Nation Connect will offer more than 40 breakout sessions in the following areas:

Product Knowledge

Get in-depth product training and updates on the ConnectWise and Continuum solutions you use the most.


Scalability & Growth

Learn how to develop a strategy that takes your business to the next level.



Learn best practices for keeping your business—and your clients’ businesses—secure.


Sales & Marketing

Get the secrets behind fueling your company’s sales and marketing success.

technology teams

Attracting & Retaining Talent

Discover how to find the right talent, and build a culture that keeps them.


Building a Product Portfolio

Find out how to provide a fantastic customer experience with the right product portfolio.

Here's a sample of a few sessions you can expect:

Business & Industry Training
Is Your Value Dropping in the Eyes of Your Customer?

Fulling embracing the as-a-service business model helps you become more than just a vendor to your clients. You’re a valuable partner to their overall success. Join this session to discover the important KPIs and calculations you need to build a successful as-a-service solutions portfolio. As well as learn about the as-a-service business model and how it plays a crucial role in the customer experience.

How to (Simply) Measure Service Profitability

The Golden Rule is: “Fix The Profitability Model, Then Grow,” so join CEO Paul Dippell to learn this incisive and easy-to-implement method for measuring Service profitability, and enable your Service team to track and be accountable for their profit performance.

Navigating The Security Journey

On the sea of cybersecurity today, the unchartered waters are choppy with low visibility. How do you know you’ll get to the other side in one piece? Rest assured, many other members of the IT Nation are lighting the way and proving it to be viable. Whether you're still docked trying to figure out where to start or feel like you're traversing the waters blindly, it’s important to assess where you are today and where you want to be. In this session, we will discuss the different growth stages of the entrepreneur’s journey to building a security offering. We'll shed light on the path in front of you, so you leave with a better sense of direction than when you came in.

Best Practice Digital Marketing Strategy for Lead Generation

In this session, we will be discussing Digital Marketing strategy to generate high quality leads for your business with best practice recommendations and case studies.

Networking Session: People & Performance

Running a business is hard work! And not just the business part, your people are your most valuable assets and the hardest to predict. Join this round table discussion to discuss ways to motivate employees and build a positive culture in your organization.

Key Steps to Prepare for a Successful M&A Event: Partners Explain How Preparing Impacts Outcomes.

“Begin with the end in mind” applies to preparing for successful M&A activities. There are plans, activities, and mindsets that must be aligned to maximize value. In this session you'll learn the steps partners complete during valuation and follow during the transaction.

Product Training
Improving Your Cashflow: Streamlining the Invoicing Process in Manage Lab

You can be amazingly productive, but if your billing process is lacking, your business could be headed for trouble. In this session, we'll take a look at invoicing in ConnectWise® Manage™, including generating standard and special invoicing and agreements. We'll also examine GL accounts, which ones your company may need, and how to set them up. Plus, you'll get an understanding of how GL accounts map items on invoices.

Workflow Rules in Manage You Must Turn On

As the Manage Administrator, your goal is to ensure that anything that can be automated is automated. This is the key to unlocking the utilisation and efficiency of your team. The challenge comes in identifying the processes that you want to automate and establishing your organisations framework around them. In this session, we’ll display the key workflow rules that we’ve found our most successful partners take advantage of, you’ll leave this session with an understanding of the most essential workflow rules.

Improve Service Delivery with Advanced Ticketing in Automate & Manage

Join this session to learn how to automate everything from ticket routing to time entries using the combined power of ConnectWise Manage® and Automate®! The ConnectWise Manage Integration provides Automate users the ability to map the status, priority, and ticket category so that the integration is seamless. In addition, this session covers how to add script notes and time to tickets in Manage and configure ticket reporting. If you are looking to take your Manage and Automate partnership to the next level and want to save yourself from headaches in the process, join this advanced ticketing session.

Reduce Technician Downtime with Scripting in Automate Lab

As your company’s ConnectWise Automate guru, this interactive lab will get you started on the basics of group structuring, search creation, monitor building, and how it all ties together. This lab will cover developing the layout of the service plan and creating all the required groups, additional fields, searches, and templates.

Shorten Your Sales Lifecyle with Automation in Sell

Keeping quotes, opportunities, and renewals up to date can be a cumbersome manual process. Using tools like the SuccessList, Quote Demand, and more will save your team time and create consistency in your sales process. Leave this session with know-how to shorten your sales lifecycle.

Networking Session: ConnectWise Manage Admins

Pull up a chair and join a round table discussion specifically for ConnectWise Manage Administrators. Talk shop, share tips and tricks, and meet others who have walked a day in your shoes!

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