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itn connect

25-27 March, 2019 – Gold Coast, Australia


Sessions: Sneak Peek

We're giving you a sneak peek of a few of our best sessions you can expect at IT Nation Connect. Take a look and stay tuned for our full agenda coming soon!

ConnectWise Product Sessions

ConnectWise Enhancements You May Have Missed

ConnectWise® Manage™ is frequently adding new enhancements to help make your experience that much easier. With all these great improvements in each release, it can be hard to keep up with the ones that have the most beneficial impact on your day-to-day processes. In this session, we will review some important enhancements that have been recently released, and even give you a sneak peek of some things that are coming soon. Get ready to catch up on what you might have missed with ConnectWise Manage.

Project Management Inside ConnectWise Manage

Do you want to optimize the setup of your projects? In this session, we will show you that the key to streamlining this process begins in ConnectWise® Sell™. Learn how the product setup not only drives sales forecasting, but also impacts your invoicing potential. Discover new ways to use ConnectWise Sell to manage opportunities, and finish the process by using ConnectWise Manage to work the project and create the invoice. Leave this session as a master of the flow from ConnectWise Sell to ConnectWise Manage – it will make a HUGE difference!

5 Step Quoting Process & Automation

Join us while we walk through the step-by-step process of creating a quote and delivering it to the customer through ConnectWise Sell. We will cover creating the quote, adding products and services, delivering the quote via Order Porter and, finally, updating the opportunity in ConnectWise Manage. This session is great if you’re just diving into ConnectWise Sell!

Help Desk Efficiency & Customer Service

In this session, we’ll share 3 ConnectWise business beliefs and 5 best practices, along with how to implement them in real life. Plus tips and tricks for easy dispatch and pre-processing tickets (including chat and service templates), workflow rules so tickets move along efficiently as possible, how entering time on tickets leads to better efficiency, and how entering both billable and non-billable time can drive profitability and utilization.

Report Center 201 Lab

Join us in this hands-on lab as we explore the ConnectWise Automate Report Center plug-in! The first part of the lab focuses on exploring the fundamentals of navigating and using the Report Center. The second part is an introduction to the Report Designer, teaching you how to personalize a report. The exercises in this lab are geared towards introductory and intermediate users. A non-trackpad mouse is also recommended.

Thought Leadership Sessions

Building an Effective Product Portfolio Through the Customer Journey

You have several touchpoints with your customers over the course of your partnership, and these touchpoints make up the Customer Journey. The Customer Journey is a framework designed to help you look at your business and how your clients’ interact with you. This session will dive into the processes that are necessary to build an effective product portfolio, enabling you provide a fantastic customer experience at every interaction.

The Strategy of Growth and Legacy Through M&A 

There are a number of ways to grow your company, and certainly mergers and acquisition can be a tool to that end. But before you go down that road, either as a buyer or a seller, you need to understand the legacy you intend to leave behind. What is your growth strategy and how does M&A fit, if at all? We'll hear from some seasoned M&A veterans who have bought companies and discover how they were successful.

Panel: Building Great Culture & Teams

This panel discussion will focus around framework for building high performing teams and creating a culture that keeps them there.

Best Practice Digital Marketing Strategy for Lead Generation

Explore and discuss digital marketing strategy to generate high quality leads for your business with best practice recommendations and case studies.

Harnessing The Power of KPIs

A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a measure of how effectively you’re achieving business objectives. This session will help you become confident in aligning your KPIs to happy clients, motivated colleagues, and a profitable bottom line by using business data to drive business decisions, deliver sustainable results, and transform your company culture.

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