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technology teams

Technology Teams

Build a Business that Thrives

Change is the very nature of technology, and for tech solution and service businesses, that means success relies on resiliency – the ability to quickly bounce back and even benefit from change. But what does that look like, and how is it done? ConnectWise believes Technology Teams are instrumental to your business sustainability and growth.

What is a Technology Team?

Technology Teams are formed to deliver a unique set of solutions and services within your organization, and can be made up of team members from sales, marketing, finance, consulting, and more. Anyone who helps provide a certain type of service delivery to your customers is part of a Technology Team.

Why Have Multiple Technology Teams?

It’s classic wisdom for minimizing risk - don’t put all your eggs in one basket. To truly establish a business resilient to industry change and increasing customer needs, it’s critical to embrace the growth of new revenue streams.

How to Successfully Add Technology Teams

To get started, conduct a gap analysis to determine which Tech Teams your company already has is place, and which teams could be added to satisfy your customers’ growing needs and expectations. Then review the processes, applications, tools, knowledge, and resources you have on hand to make sure you’re fully prepared to begin mastering a new area.

ConnectWise is here to help. We provide the platform to orchestrate the connection between technology, solutions, and the people that empower your Tech Teams - allowing our ecosystem and your business to thrive.

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Installation & support of phone and collaboration systems; round-the-clock telecom monitoring, resolution, and management.

Software Development

Custom development work; making & selling software/design for mass or niche markets, and supporting software for end users.

Systems Integration

Integrating solutions from the ground up; focused on complex projects, creating a comprehensive solution including support.

Partner Support