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Streamline Management, Time Tracking & Documentation

Your customers count on you to be a trusted advisor who can handle every aspect of their physical security services. But juggling all the detailed aspects of security management, including sales and installation, can create operational silos of chaos. ConnectWise solutions help you create an efficient process-driven business through automation, which frees you to focus on maximizing recurring monthly revenue with service and maintenance contracts.

Features to Evolve the Way You Do Business

Create Professional Proposals

Make it easy for your sales team to aggregate your design, products, and installation plan into one professional electronic proposal.

Gain Full Visibility into Purchasing

Speed up the quoting process by building a catalog of products you commonly sell, or easily uploading them from distributors.

Organize Complex Projects

Oversee and bill large-scale projects in phases so your business can stay on top of progress, products, and cost.

Increase & Track Employee Utilization

Manage the jobs your techs are working in the field, and capture and bill for all time spent on each work order or project.

Increase Invoice Accuracy

Automate collection of time, expenses, and products for invoicing, then directly sync all information to your accounting system.

Transition from Sale to Installation Seamlessly

Get everyone on the same page and reduce errors through every project phase with the automated capture of products & plans.

How ConnectWise Can Help

Learn How ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Sell Can Grow Your Business

Count on ConnectWise Sell for creating proposals that win and quotes that close. ConnectWise Manage helps you exceed expectations in every area from sales to project management with automated solutions that drive accountability, visibility, and efficiency.

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