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ConnectWise Sell

Grow Your Business Faster with ConnectWise Sell Enhancements

Status quo is never good enough for ConnectWise Sell. Our ongoing commitment to continued product innovation helps partners experience increasing value in their investment. See what just got better about ConnectWise Sell.

Easily Take Control of Customer Facing Information

Customize the columns displayed for each section of your quote easily with the Output Grid Layout Editor. With this new ConnectWise Sell feature, you have complete control over which columns of information display, how they’re labeled, and even how they’re sized.


Keep the Procurement Process Organized

Keep orders cleaner by ensuring configurations aren’t being combined or being pulled from inventory when receiving custom pricing from your vendors.

Keep Cisco Quotes Orderly

Set the Cisco shipset value when importing your quote into ConnectWise Sell, and those values carry throughout ConnectWise Manage.

integration demo

Import Cisco Quotes

Skip multiple sets when it comes to Cisco quotes. Paste your Cisco CCW quote number into ConnectWise Sell. Tech Data will create a custom quote for that Cisco quote, and it will be uploaded into ConnectWise Sell for you automatically.

Watch our Live Demo to See How Your Sales Team Can Be More Productive

From quoting to product sourcing to reporting, ConnectWise Sell helps create the sales results you want.

See What Else is New

Modification Tags

Modi cation Tags make it easy to standardize fields and information that sales reps can modify in the item notes while keeping other information protected.

Pricing Helper

Quick in-line edits can be made and previewed before committing with the Price Helper, and there is no memorization required!

Embedded Help Documentation

Easily find information about the screen you’re actively on inside ConnectWise Sell by clicking the Help icon.

Enhanced Rounding

ConnectWise Sell now supports Bankers, Normal, and Round-up rounding, as well as digits to round to. Default rounding methods are included but can be overridden as needed.

Quote Delivery in DOC or DOCX

Quotes can now be delivered in .doc or .docx files for easier reviewing and commenting.

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