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ConnectWise Sell

Grow Your Business Faster with ConnectWise Sell Enhancements

Status quo is never good enough for ConnectWise Sell. Our ongoing commitment to continued product innovation helps partners experience increasing value in their investment. See what just got better about Sell.

Do More with Electronic Orders

Be Responsive to Customer Timelines

Create purchase orders with just a click and fulfill them faster with this reimagined Sell feature designed to reduce manual errors. Orders can be pushed directly from Sell into major distributor systems, and monitored for shipping information so you’ll stay on top of deadlines.

SNAP – ConnectWise Sell 3rd Generation Web Interface

On-Premise Client Performance Now in a Web Application

No more interruptions or delays due to a loading screen. ConnectWise Sell continues to raise the bar on product usability with a seamless end-to-end user experience.

Business Intelligence Integration

Touch of a Button Access to Data

Gain insight into your business data quickly by simply pushing a BI button from any page within Sell. Once you’re set up, there’s no need for separate login credentials, and customer dashboards can be assigned to specific users for controlled access.

Watch our Live Demo to See How Your Sales Team Can Be More Productive

From quoting to product sourcing to reporting, ConnectWise Sell helps create the sales results you want.

See What Else is New

Real Time Preview

Sales reps can instantly preview any page of a quote or proposal as it’s being prepared, and make changes in real time. This enhanced feature saves quote review time and helps error-proof documents before they’re sent to the customer.

Pricing Rules

Automate the price of products as they’re added to your quotes with flexibility and granularity unavailable with price modifiers alone.

Product Search Customization

Automatically define searches, based on the tab or template you are searching from, to generate a list of eligible products, eliminating the need to scan large lists.

Item Management

Maintain a collection of product information stored internally within ConnectWise Sell. Create custom products, or assign and attach custom information and thumbnail images to products as you add them from external sources.

Stand Alone Form Designer

Impress customers with professional looking quotes and proposals. A new version of form designer incorporated within Sell simplifies administrator customization of PDF documents.

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