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Technology Waits for No One.

That's Why We Stay Ahead of It.

Like time, technology moves fast.

At ConnectWise, our teams are committed to continually enhancing and evolving our products to anticipate and meet the constantly changing needs of technology workers.

Explore the latest developments in our platform of ConnectWise solutions - all designed for increased efficiency and productivity to help ensure you’re never left behind on the path to success.

keyboard_arrow_down ConnectWise Manage™: Updates to Finance, Service & More
ConnectWise Manage

Top Enhancements in 2018 So Far


  • Serial Number Search
    • Easily find product information such as serial numbers without having to go into each product
  • Partial Payment or Credit on Invoice
    • Let the client see what credits they have, or their balance due after a partial payment
  • Assign different products at one time to any item
    • Save time by selecting multiple products at once, rather than each individually


  • Calendar with Time Overlay Feature
    • Service techs and managers can now compare what’s scheduled against actual time entries to ensure all time is accurately captured
  • Mass add notes to multiple tickets
    • Enter the same note on multiple tickets with one action
  • Agreement Recap pod on tickets
    • Let the technicians/engineers see how much time is remaining on an agreement so they don’t go over and charge the client. Also lets them know to contact the client before performing work.

Additional Updates

  • SAML – Security Assertion Markup Language (Authentication between multiple parties – think logging in to an app using your Facebook or Google account)
    • Allows other applications to log in to ConnectWise Manage using their credentials
  • Keyboard shortcuts to resize ConnectWise Manage screen
  • Start a ConnectWise Chat session from the Customer Portal
    • Allow the client to log in to the Customer Portal, check out their tickets, then start a chat session if they want more answers
keyboard_arrow_down ConnectWise Automate™: Improved UI and User Experience
ConnectWise Automate

ConnectWise Automate finalized the release of Version 12 to partners in late January 2018.

All qualifying on-premise ConnectWise Automate partners should have access to this version in the ConnectWise University, and our ConnectWise Automate cloud partners received an automatic upgrade at the end of January. Features include:

  • New UI and improved user experience
  • Advanced architecture
  • Improved core functionality
  • Easily downloaded as a Patch

Partners who are hesitant about making the switch can check out these videos to help with the transition:

Coming soon: Network Mapping

  • Refactored network probe, which includes an interactive map of computer networks, so partners can discover and detect the topology of a client network easier than before.
keyboard_arrow_down ConnectWise Sell™: In-App Messaging Icon & New Quote Screen Updates
ConnectWise Manage

Top Enhancements in January and February 2018

  • In-App Messaging Icon
    • Added this icon for viewing and reviewing any announcements that we make in ConnectWise Sell. Be sure to check here often for information on releases, events, new features, and more!
  • New Quote/Template Selection Screen Updated
    • This update allows you to sort templates into groups, quickly search for templates, and assign your own favorites

NOTICE: Legacy UI will soon be retired. In a future update, the option to use the Legacy UI will be retired. Please click here for more information.

keyboard_arrow_down ConnectWise Control™: New Security Features & More
ConnectWise Sell

New Security Features & More

ConnectWise Control 6.5 includes:

  • SAML: an easy and secure way to gain single-sign-on access to your environment
  • Multiple User Sources
    • Securely call to multiple LDAP user sources, making linking to multiple AD directories possible for simpler administration
  • New Host Pass Configurations
    • Flexible duration times that range from 48 hours, 72 hours, 1 week, 2 weeks, and up to 30 days
keyboard_arrow_down ConnectWise Unite™: Our Newest Product!
ConnectWise Sell

Our Newest Product!

ConnectWise Unite eliminates the inefficiency and stress of managing countless portals, invoices, and billing schedules by combining your portfolio of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cisco® Spark™, Cisco Meraki®, Cisco Umbrella™, and Cisco Stealthwatch® Cloud solutions.

It's not too late to be part of the ConnectWise Unite pilot program. We are constantly evolving our latest solution based on partner feedback, and we would love to have you be part of the pilot program.

keyboard_arrow_down More Enhancements

ConnectWise Campaign™

  • Mass update contact status
    • Select multiple contacts, and mass update the status directly from the list view
  • Media Gallery
    • Manage images and videos directly from the new MEDIA GALLERY in the Campaign Builder tab, including uploading, deleting or previewing media from the gallery
  • Email Open Rate Column Added
    • The Open Rate column will now be available for the Contacts list view, functioning as a quick overview of the total percentage of emails opened by a contact, and enhancing contact lead scoring and segmentation for partners within the system
  • Export Campaign Results
    • Export a CSV with the campaign analytics for any campaign
  • Unsubscribed KPI
    • A new Unsubscribed tab has been added to the key performance indicators, allowing you to see who unsubscribed from your email, and when

Go to the ConnectWise Campaign™ module inside ConnectWise Manage™ to sign up for a free 30-day trial.

ConnectWise ChatAssist™

  • Check agreement on ticket
    • Quickly check if the chat you are working on has an agreement tied to it; the agreement name and type will display
  • Details on Condensed view added
    • View the Company Status and Company Name from the condensed view to easily see when a company is approved for service without scrolling back to initial message

Go to the Service Desk module inside ConnectWise Manage to sign up for a free 30-day trial of ConnectWise ChatAssist.

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

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