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ConnectWise Manage


Simplify Marketing Success

Effective marketing is essential to promoting your business and driving sales. But it can be difficult to prioritize if most of your resources need to be focused on managing day-to-day operations. ConnectWise Campaign™ is a powerful, easy-to-use solution that helps open the front door of your company to the world, while giving your teams the tools they need to build the business.


Custom Campaigns

Create custom HTML email campaigns and forms to engage customers interaction about your products and services.

time tracking

Perfectly-Timed Campaigns

Prepare campaigns in advance, and use the calendar view to schedule them for future delivery to clients and prospects at just the right time.


Marketing Metrics

Pinpoint how and where your clients are engaging with you, then make data-driven decisions that put your resources where they matter most.


Quality Leads

Add custom fields to landing pages, track responses, and automatically create a call to action for your sales team.

network discovery

Social Media

Prepare, schedule, and get reporting on your social media campaigns for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

managed services

Sync to ConnectWise Manage

Enhance your marketing efforts by syncing with ConnectWise Manage to pull existing company lists, contacts, and groups.


See More Ways to Streamline Marketing in this ConnectWise Manage Demo

Promote business and drive sales with ConnectWise Campaign™

Explore the Sales & Marketing Features in ConnectWise Manage

Generate new opportunities easily, and maximize them for great results.

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