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Simply Effective IT Documentation

ConnectWise Document™ provides a simple and highly effective template-based solution that captures what counts for clients’ businesses, and presents data in easy-to-read visual documents for increased efficiency.

As a technology professional, maintaining documentation for the assets and business systems you manage is essential to success. But with hundreds of endpoints, the process can be challenging – draining time and resources, and causing concern that critical information may be missed due to lack of consistent network mapping.

Formerly BizDox™, ConnectWise Document guides you through documenting what’s important in your client’s managed IT environments, including common equipment, network configurations, and hundreds of business applications. Store information consistently across networks, avoid loss of sensitive information like passwords, and provide clients with a clear view of how much technology you support on their behalf.

With an accurate picture of the relationship among technical components, business functions and productivity, you have the power to put documentation to work for you.

See how the integration of ConnectWise Document with ConnectWise Manage can enhance your business:

network discovery

Automated Diagram Creation

Automatically create diagrams for network segments using documentation for servers and networking equipment


Hundreds of Known Applications

Save time and promote consistency using an application library with information about hundreds of application platforms


Completeness / Accuracy

No worries if you’re interrupted in the middle of a documentation process – you can automatically track completeness and accuracy

Deep Enterprise Search

Quickly find anything within a company’s documentation using a variety of search options from IP address to a random word in notes

real time pricing

Business Context

Easily document which groups are dependent on certain business applications, and to what degree


Business Risk Analysis

Reveal the potential financial impact of lost productivity due to IT system problems, whether for an entire company or specific business application

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