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ConnectWise Control

Gain Even Better Control Over Your Service

From faster performance to enhanced security and a new focus on Mac features, see what just got better about ConnectWise Control.

Connect Faster & Manage Sessions More Easily

Take Remote Support to a New Level

Faster-than-ever performance gets your remote sessions started quickly, while a new user interface makes session management easier with focused session-type views.

More Focus on Mac

Get the Features You Love

Our increased Mac focus brings you favorite features including Wake Lock and Fullscreen, along with new customization options for Mac agents. A personal toolbox allows remote execution of scripts and applications through the host UI, and a Mac-exclusive window option allows for quick session switching.

Enhanced Security

More Control Over User Setup

Our updated UI allows for more granular permission assignment, and new user set up is quicker and easier with the ability to clone roles and use multiple authentication sources.


Experience the Newest Features for Yourself in the Trial

Faster performance, more Mac options and easier user setup are just a few ways we’ve enhanced ConnectWise Control.

See What Else is New

Extension Marketplace

Add new features and integrations to your ConnectWise Control site through our expanded extension marketplace.

Create a Temporary Host Pass

Invite and create a pass for an unregistered host to join a session.

Advanced Session Search

Make session searches more efficient with the option of expanded queries to filter results.

Configurable Connect Banner

Display a connection banner during a session to notify a guest that their remote machine is being accessed.

Support Session Conversion

Easily turn a support session into an access session from the host page.

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