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ConnectWise Control Support

What’s New with ConnectWise Control Support

Our obsession with partner success continues in our latest release, starring new security features and much more.

Introducing View™

View is a premium extension in ConnectWise Control that lets technicians access the camera of the end uses’ mobile device to detect and resolve hardware issues. Ready to get all the details and see it in action?

See it in action >>


SAML Authentication

Providing top-notch support requires lightning-fast connectivity you can count on, and an easy way for you to gain single-sign-on access your environment. Use SAML as your authentication source to access your environment and start solving problems in a flash.

network discovery

Manage Multiple User Sources

Need to set up a remote workforce for client companies? Want to make managing multiple groups of user easier? You’ve got it. You can confidently and securely call to multiple LDAP user sources, making linking to multiple AD directories for simpler administration.


Host Pass Configuration

Now, administrators can provide vendor access for more than a single day. New host pass configuration options offer flexible duration times that range from 48 hours, 72 hours, 1 week, 2 weeks, and all the way up to 30 days.

Experience the Newest Features for Yourself in the Trial

Simplification, security, and enhanced functionality are at the center of every ConnectWise Control release.

See What Else is New

Find Machines Faster

Quickly find machines when subgroups are created automatically and dynamically based on CustomProperty1; machines are organized out of the box.

Extension Marketplace

To protect intellectual property of developers and usability standards for administrators, extensions will be QA’d and code-reviewed to guarantee quality assurance.

Selective Client Survey

Hosts can choose when to offer feedback as the client survey is no longer automatically sent to the partner at the close of each session.

5-Digit Session Code

There’s now a greater probability that hosts can provide guests with a truly unique code that connects them to the correct support session.

Audit Log Filter

Administrators can quickly and easily find and download specific recordings by filtering the audit log by session name.

Support Session Options

No longer rely on guests to know how to exit a session to get disconnected; now, hosts can remote a guest from a session right from the host page.

ConnectWise Control Access

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