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ConnectWise Control Support

Remote Access Security

Trust World Class Security Scalable to Your Needs

ConnectWise Control® offers a layered approach to security, perfect for support teams of all sizes. Focusing on the safeguards that matters most, you can expect world-class features like role-based permissions, 256-bit AES encryption, and multiple authentication methods, along with premium reporting capabilities that allow you to record sessions, view activity from a single pane of glass, and much more.

Give Techs the Control They Need

Remote access levels may vary by technician, as do your customers’ security and compliance needs. Control provides options to put you in charge.
Role Based Security

Limit technician access to functionality and sessions with granular security permissions.

Audit Logs

Log each session host name, guest information, timestamps, and more.

Video Assurance

Record sessions to the server for compliance, auditing, and training with the optional configuration.

Make Customers Comfortable

Ease customer qualms about allowing remote access to their computer or server by giving them control over duration and keeping the session transparent.


Permission Based

Give customers full control over connection to their machine.


Consent Request

Ask unattended-session clients for permission to connect.


Open Communication

Let customers watch the tech work, initiate chats and end the session at any time.

No Footprint

Remove the remote support client from the customer machine at session end.

Ensure In-House Security

Protect all data passing between host and guest systems – including data, file transfers, keystrokes and chats – encryption similar to that used by many banking and government institutions.
Self Hosted Application

ConnectWise Control resides in your environment, giving you full security control.

AES-256 Encryption

Get complete data protection through a proprietary protocol and our AES-256 encryption algorithm.

Server Level Auditing

Store audit logs and optional recordings for every session.

User Authentication and Security

Authenticate your team with a diverse set of features and methods to validate users.
Windows and Forms Authentication

Users can securely authenticate using their existing Windows credentials.

Two-Factor Authentication

Adds another layer of defense against cyber criminals at the login step and helps keeps your end users' data protected.

Brute Force Attack

Lock out users after a predetermined number of failed login attempts, foiling potential hackers from accessing your environments.

Session Timeout

If a user idles on the Host and/or Admin page for a certain amount of seconds, they'll be logged out of your instance.

LDAP and Active Directory

There's no need to manage users in multiple systems. With Control, you can use an external user source to securely authenticate into ConnectWise Control.

Restrict Login by IP

If a user idles on the Host and/or Admin page for a determined number of seconds, they'll be logged out of your instance.

Try Remote Support the Just Works

With ConnectWise Control, you get easy-to-use remote access. That means reliable, secure remote support, access, and meetings.

Explore ConnectWise Control

Remote Support

Feel secure solving client issues from anywhere.

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Remote Access

Allow administrators to define users with specific access permission.

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Remote Meetings

Secure information by grouping sessions and restricting access to certain roles.

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ConnectWise Control Access

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