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Operating Systems Support

Microsoft Windows

ConnectWise Control offers a diverse feature set that makes its Windows compatibility one of the best in the industry, providing excellent support for techs and customers running this widely-used operating system.

Mac OS & Mac OS X

ConnectWise Control offers a comprehensive set of connection options for Mac OS technicians and client machines.


ConnectWise Control has long supported this popular server operating system, adding features with each new Linux release to further enhance host and guest connections, unattended connections, remote support and meetings.

Try Remote Support that Just Works

With ConnectWise Control, you get easy-to-use remote access. That means reliable, secure remote support, access, and meetings.

Mobile Support

Browser Support

Our development team tests ConnectWise Control in multiple environments to make sure the latest versions of your favorite browsers are supported.

ConnectWise Control 6.8+ requires browsers with CSS grid support. Note: ConnectWise Control 6.8+ will not render correctly on Internet Explorer, as it does not support CSS Grid.

Firefox 52+

Safari 10.1+

Google Chrome

Chrome 57+

Microsoft Edge Logo

Edge 41.16299.579.0+

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Remote Support

View and control devices from anywhere.

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Remote Access

Connect to and support unattended machines.

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Remote Meetings

Communicate with unlimited attendees from multiple locations.

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