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ConnectWise Control Access

ConnectWise Control Access Pricing

Truly built to scale with your needs, ConnectWise Control Access delivers the features you need right now and as you grow.

Additional Pricing Options: Compare annual pricing (below) to our month to month pricing options.

Customize Your Access Plan

Select the Number of Unattended Access Agents


Per month (paid annually)

Unlimited users can connect to unattended devices by installing unattended access agents

Features Include:

  • Remote Unattended Access


    An access agent refers to a ConnectWise Control client that is installed on a device to establish unattended access to said device.

  • Endpoint Management


    Monitor, manage, and troubleshoot devices in the background.

  • Role-based Security


    Manage user permissions by grouping users into roles.

  • Backstage


    Allows hosts to have complete Windows terminal and PowerShell access to a remote machine without disrupting the logged-on user.

  • Agent Deployment


    Retrieve a list of Windows machines across a subnet or ARP table and automatically deploy agents on those machines.

  • Central Toolbox


    Share tools amongst all hosts (technicians) to use during ConnectWise Control sessions.

  • Remote Command Line


    Run commands on remote devices from a built-in command line section on the ConnectWise Control Host page.

  • Advanced Reporting


    Run various pre-configured reports that provide actionable insight into sessions.

  • And More!

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