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Introducing Live Stream Sessions in ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise View™ is the newest premium* extension in ConnectWise Control. It engages technicians (coordinators) and their end-users (cameraperson) in real time through a browser-enabled, live stream session. This allows the coordinator to see what the cameraperson is seeing and walk them through on-site issues effectively.

*ConnectWise View is only available when you purchase ConnectWise Control Premium.

ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise View

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ConnectWise View Features

Get Connected

It's as easy and fast as sending a text, and browser-enabled means there's no need for the end user to install a mobile app

Resolve Issues

See what the client sees and remotely walk them through issues effectively using the camera on their mobile device

Build Trust

Support clients remotely without the need to share technicians’ personal mobile number

Save Snapshots

Keep records of your live stream sessions with snapshots you can download for reference later

Train Employees

Easily and effectively train junior field techs and allow senior engineers more time to focus on complex projects

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Remote Support

Provide fast customer service with reliable, easy-to-use remote support from anywhere, anytime.

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Remote Access

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Remote Meetings

Simplify and enhance meetings by easily engaging multiple people from various locations.

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