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Close More Tickets Faster with Zendesk and ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control

Get Every Job Done Well and in Record Time, Too

When Zendesk ticketing and ConnectWise Control remote support combine forces, you can easily surpass your customers’ expectations with rapid issue resolution. Remotely connect to your customers’ machines in seconds from the Zendesk ticket sidebar, and after their problem is solved, find your important data right where you need it–in the correlating Zendesk ticket.

Faster Issue Resolution

Don’t keep your customers waiting. Start resolving issues immediately with seamless remote connection right from within the Zendesk sidebar.

Automatic Documentation

Your notes, chat history, timestamps, and more, are automatically saved in the Zendesk ticket related to the session for easy review later.

Recorded Sessions

A premium ConnectWise Control subscription lets you record video of a session and attach it to the Zendesk ticket for auditing or training.

Elevated Customer Experiences

Your customers can easily and quickly connect to a remote session with an email or URL.

More Time Saved

There’s no need to switch applications. Start a remote connection from Zendesk with one click.

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Fast, accurate, and secure remote access and support is at your fingertips for 14 days at no cost.
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