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Explore More Ways to Support Your End Users

A good remote support system helps you connect to a machine, but a great one integrates into your business environment and allows you to dictate your workflow. Featuring a diverse extension library with nearly 100+ plug-ins, remote meetings, support for multiple platforms, and access to a vast network of other IT professionals, you'll find everything you need to offer stellar service with ConnectWise Control. See how it compares to RescueAssist, formerly GoToAssist.

ConnectWise Control vs GoToAssist

Connect & Work from Multiple Platforms

ConnectWise Control operates on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and Chrome OS.
Connect Fast

Get reliable remote access with connections to agents in less than five seconds.

Shared Toolbox

Share tools with your team, and run common executables and deploy scripts directly from the host client in one click.

Customization Options

Get customization and branding options including localization.

Host Pass Function

Grant temporary access to machines for technicians or 3rd party vendors with just a click.

Remote Meetings

Simplify idea exchange and collaboration through shared screens, video recording, and chat.

ConnectWise Control

Try Remote Support That Just Works

With ConnectWise Control, you get fast, easy-to-use remote access. That means reliable, secure remote support, access, and meetings.

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