Scott McQueeney

Senior Education Consultant, ConnectWise

Scott McQueeney has been in the IT industry for over 12 years. Through years spent in support working very closely with customers and end users, he realized what a tremendous need there was for proper training on the products he was supporting. As he progressed into team lead roles, he realized there was just as much of a gap in existing training practices for new support employees as there was for customers. While he was creating and implementing the new hire training program, a trainer was born. Scott joined the ConnectWise Automate team in 2010 and is a Senior Education Consultant ensuring that Automate partners and internal resources are always kept up to date on how best to use existing Automate functionality as well as new features. Scott is an avid Georgia Bulldogs fan, despite living in a potentially bulldog-hostile zone. He also thoroughly enjoys playing and watching golf, although he admits to being much better at the latter.