Megan Augustine

Marketing Manager, Micro Doctor IT

Megan is the Marketing Manager at B2B MSP near Cleveland, Ohio called Micro Doctor IT. Megan graduated from Baldwin-Wallace University in 2012, and then began her career at Micro Doctor as an Office Administrator/Marketing Assistant. Megan grew into the Marketing Manager position with Micro Doctor as the company grew and has been growing since consistent marketing was implemented. In her free time she enjoys scuba diving, wine & craft beers tastings, traveling, fitness & being a mom of 2 beautiful girls. Micro Doctor has been a partner of ConnectWise since 2007, and Megan has been using ConnectWise since 2012. Megan has experience in all modules, in ConnectWise® Manage™ from Finance to Project Management, but mostly uses the Marketing Manager and Campaign Director features.

ConnectWise Manage Tip

Keep a current client list for contact and cross selling by adding them to the correct marketing groups in onboarding and removing when offboarding – put these in your tasks.