Josh Kotler

Owner & CEO, Western Digitech

Josh Kotler is the owner and CEO of Western Digitech, a Florida managed services provider serving the SMB market since 1994. Josh began his career as a salesperson for a legal technologies company in 1992 and moved from there to short stints at Matthew Bender and OptiFile selling related technologies. In 1998 he joined Western Digitech and successfully grew the company, and shrank it, following a traditional break/fix model. In 2010 he began to convert the company to a true MSP, a process that took twice as long and was twice as painful as it had to be. Somehow, he survived long enough to stumble into limited success, and by 2014 the business was on its way to improved profits and growth. Now Western Digitech is a growing MSP with 20+ employees and consistently strong profits that are growing quarterly. What happened? Quite simply, Josh cut his mistakes in half. By eliminating a few key mistakes in the way he (and his company) operated, he was able to “unblock” his business plan and move his company forward.