Brad Benner

Founder, SmileBack

Brad Benner is the founder of SmileBack, the customer satisfaction platform that has become a vital tool for the members of ConnectWise Community. Delivering 10x more feedback, SmileBack is successfully used today by more than 600 MSPs and IT Solution providers who, in turn, support more than 45,000 companies. They credit SmileBack with helping them get in tune with their customers, improve their processes, increase productivity, and motivate their teams.

After selling his own MSP in Seattle in 2010, traveling the globe for a year, and then moving to Europe, Brad decided to start SmileBack with the conviction that customer experience is the only sustainable competitive advantage left for service providers competing in an increasingly crowded and commoditized marketplace.

Brad grew up in California, attended the University of Washington in Seattle, and has been an entrepreneur since the age of 6. He’s a former recipient of the US Small Business Administration Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. His vision is to create value by always striving to understand the customer’s mindset and harness it to support growth and guide innovation.