Amy Kardel

Co-Founder, Clever Ducks

Kardel is an experienced small business technology expert with local, national and international perspective. Amy is known to the IT Nation as an Advisory Council member for ConnectWise, but she is also known in the industry through her deep involvement as a board member of CompTIA, and currently serves as a chairwoman of the board member for the organization. She and her husband cofounded a California-based MSP. She has over twenty years of experience leading teams to design and manage computer networks for small business. At Clever Ducks her mission is to help others do their best work. One of the best ways to do that is training for more skills. Kardel encourages each tech on her team to do one tech certification a quarter to keep their skills sharp and growing. Her management team has been engaged with HTG Peer groups for over ten years where they have learned from others. A learning culture brings excellence to daily operations, so her team can lead by example with clients and vendors. Kardel also practices what she preaches. She has spent the last four years working on her J.D. and graduated in May 2017. She saw law school as an advanced business degree, but still believes the School of Hard Knocks gives the most valuable diplomas.