You could be the most anticipated session at IT Nation 2017. So what are you waiting for?

Apply for your chance to speak at IT Nation 2017 from now through June 30!

Am I the right fit?

That depends. Do you have a unique perspective on the industry? Are you doing something innovative or impactful that you're excited to share with attendees? Then yes, you're the perfect fit to speak at one of our 60-minute sessions.

I applied, now what happens?

Your submission with be reviewed and selected based on product/industry relevance, level of content, and the best fit for our attendees. The more you share about your presentation content, the better we can determine where you fit best.

We're looking for topics including (but not limited to):

  • M & A / Company Growth
  • Security
  • Sales
  • Company Culture
  • Recruiting / Retaining Talent
  • Service Delivery
  • Automation
  • Projects
  • Leadership
  • KPIs

Want more information before you submit your application?