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Nov. 8-10, 2017 | Orlando, FL


Get Inspired to Find Your Success Story

See How Pros Like You Make the Most of IT Nation

Scale to Higher Revenue

After hearing another partner speak to her revenue growth at IT Nation 2016, Josh Oakes at Boston-based technology solution provider NENS took a closer look at his own operation.

Based on what he learned at IT Nation, he detailed every department, listed every service offered, and leaned on ConnectWise to help build out service boards and workflows to keep every ticket routed quickly. In just the first few months, Josh’s team is stronger, his business is infinitely more scalable, and his clients are having a better experience than ever.

Define Teamwork

Austen Clark, Managing Director at Scotland’s Clark Integrated Technologies, found inspiration in Canadian Ted Gartner’s focus on being a team. A team-first approach has allowed the Clark Integrated Technologies team to develop leaders, strengthen working relationships, and think of better ways to work together.

“Starting with teamwork changed our outlook”, said Austen. “This has been one of the most important changes to our current and future development and it would not have happened without attending IT Nation 2016.”

Connect and Grow

When Jude Travers-Frazier, Chief Operating Officer at Kraft & Kennedy, Inc., sat down for the IT Nation Hack-A-Thon, he had no idea his table mate would change his business for the better.

Jude’s new acquaintance was a solo practitioner looking for a new place to ply his trade. Now he leads the DevOps team at Kraft & Kennedy and has already made a profound impact on the team. Thanks to the networking at IT Nation, Jude was able to add a fantastic asset to his team.

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