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Nov. 7-9, 2018 – Orlando, FL


The IT Nation 2017 Winners

Jude Travers-Frasier and Carter Meyers, Kraft & Kennedy, Inc.

This duo created a solution that dominated the business case scenario “Lost in Translation”, which focused on a distressed client who wasn’t receiving a timely response to his urgent tickets. In just 3 days, they created a seamless and cohesive solution to solve this challenge. Their solution featured full email content analysis which enables the ticket to be automatically prioritized based on the body or other factors even if a ticket summary line isn’t detailed. They also included integration with IBM’s Watson to not only analyze the content of the ticket, but to understand the mood of the submitter as well. Fully customizable rules were incorporated so your escalation process could be tailored to your customers and your business. Finally, they included the ability to automatically send emails, SMS alerts or phone calls to necessary stakeholders. Pretty awesome solution that could be super beneficial in providing superior customer service.

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