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IT Nation Connect

Oct. 30 - Nov. 1, 2019 – Orlando, FL


Mergers & Acquisitions

ConnectWise is committed to helping you through all the challenges of M&A, which is why we’ve developed robust content around the entire experience to help prepare you for transaction success.

M&A Sessions to Set You Up for Success

The Strategy of Growth and Legacy Through M&A 

What is your growth strategy and how does M&A fit into it? In this session, we'll from some seasoned M&A veterans who have experience buying companies, and discover how they created a strategic view that included legacy and the right outcome before doing their deals.


Tips, Tricks, Tools & Technology that Can Help Make M&A Work for You

It's often difficult to get really good at buying or selling a business because most of us only do it a few times in our career. Join this session as we share some of what our experts have learned along their M&A journeys that will be valuable for you.


Dream or Dilemma - What Buying a Business is Really Like

What's under the hood of a successful deal? What are the considerations that need to be made to help bring about a successful merger or acquisition? Money always matters, but structure and execution often determine success. Join us to get some perspective on what it's like in the buyer seat.


To Sell or Not to Sell – What are My Options?

Like death and taxes, business transition will happen for every owner at some point in the future. We’ll look at the different options available to transition ownership, including selling to another business, employees, private equity, venture capital, ESOP, or family.


Looking for more? We have over 100 sessions for all areas of your business!

M&A Experts Ready to Share Their Tips, Tricks, & Secrets

Arlin Sorensen

Arlin Sorensen

VP, Peer Groups, ConnectWise

Prior to joining ConnectWise, Arlin founded HTG Peer Groups, an international consulting, coaching and peer group organization. With more than 30 years of experience in the IT Industry, he has personally facilitated dozens of mergers and acquisitions and, as owner of an MSP, went through 10 M&A transactions in 10 years and one exit event.

Paul Dippell

CEO, Service Leadership

Paul Dippell is CEO of Service Leadership, Inc. a leading global consultancy firm to Solution Providers. With more than 25 years of experience with IT solutions companies, Paul established the IT solutions vertical for an M&A firm, successfully acquired and integrated 15 IT service companies in 18 months, and founded a mid-market IT services firm with two private equity raises.

Brent Kenreich

Founder & CEO, Tekscape

Brent Kenreich has more than 20 years of experience in IT, finance and consulting. He recently successfully completed his first acquisition and purchased another Central Ohio, IT managed service provider. Under Cloud Cover, Brent has implemented and directed IT processes for companies that produce over 200 million in annual revenue, annually.

So Many Great Sessions, So Little Time

Bring a team so you can divide and conquer, or attend a single session together. Save 20% on each additional attendee (discount automatically added during registration)!
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