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Top 10 Breakout Sessions

Curious about the session content we’ll have for you at IT Nation 2017? Take a look at the most popular sessions from last year that are coming back.

1. Forecasting & Resource Reporting

Roles: Owner/Exec, Service, Operations

Are you ready to leverage the power of scheduling? In this breakout session, we will review the setup and processes necessary to obtain the most accurate forecasting and resource reporting. We will cover it all - from scheduling to time entry to utilization reporting. By the end of this session, you will have the tools necessary to track and budget your company’s most valuable assets: your resources.

2. Smart SLAs: Simple and Repeatable

Roles: Service, Operations

Successful technology companies rely on the timely handling of customer support issues. Therefore, it is critical to maintain your service level agreements (SLAs) while providing high levels of customer satisfaction. SLAs hold an abundance of power and, when used properly, can take your business to the next level! Join this session to learn how to set SLA goals, and review the tools available in ConnectWise to track these metrics. Discover how to create workflow rules that generate alerts to avoid breaching an SLA, and how to effectively reflect on your SLAs using reports and dashboards.

3. Project Lifecycle: Sales to Invoicing using ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Sell

Roles: Sales, Service, Operations, Finance

Do you want to optimize the setup of your projects? In this session, we will show you that the key to streamlining this process begins in ConnectWise Sell. Learn how the product setup not only drives sales forecasting, but also impacts your invoicing potential. Discover new ways to use ConnectWise Sell to manage opportunities, and finish the process by using ConnectWise Manage to work the project and create the invoice. Leave this session as a master of the flow from ConnectWise Sell to ConnectWise Manage – it will make a HUGE difference!

4. Decrease Outstanding Accounts Receivable & Increase Revenue

Roles: Operations, Finance

Do you cringe at the thought of how much money is left on the table due to unpaid invoices? A thorough collections process can take a significant amount of your finance team’s time, which can cost you even more money. In this session, we’ll cover the entire collections process, from the initial dunning notification to deactivating time entries. These steps will not only save you time, but will assist you with collecting on past due invoices. If you’ve ever wanted to automate your collections process, then you don’t want to miss this breakout.We pride ourselves on our community and have many different networking events throughout IT Nation. From meet-ups to our solutions pavilion and everything in between, you’ll have no problem finding like-minded people to network with.

5. Onboarding and Offboarding Employees Using Manage

Roles: Operations, Human Resources

Properly onboarding a new employee takes more than showing them where their desk is. Formalizing processes is the key to guaranteeing a successful onboarding or offboarding experience. Your new colleague needs the appropriate information and training to be set up for success. This breakout will help you centralize a method by defining, documenting, tracking, and automating your processes in ConnectWise. You’ll learn how to streamline these processes using project templates, tracks, and service boards. Remember - if it’s not in ConnectWise, it didn’t happen.

6. ConnectWise Automate: Configuring Patch Manager

Roles: Service, Operations

Advance and further develop your knowledge of patch management in ConnectWise Automate! Join this session to learn how to create and adjust policies in the configuration section, assign policies to your patching groups, schedule the date and time of patch installations, and create reboot policies. Finally, to further improve efficiency within your company, discover how to automate approving, denying, and ignoring patches!

7. Hands On Lab: Projects

Roles: Service, Operations

Are you in the beginning stages of leveraging projects within ConnectWise? Join this lab for a hands-on experience in the process of projects, including the creation of projects, dispatching tickets, creating add-on phases, closing and invoicing projects, and interpreting impact on the financial dashboard.

8. Hands On Lab: Workflow Rules

Roles: Owner/Exec, Sales, Service, Operations, Finance

Do you want to save time, money, and reduce human error? After you have processes in place, you can leverage the power of Workflow Rules to automate your business. Join this hands-on lab to learn everything you need to know about automation in ConnectWise Manage, including won opportunities, expiring configurations, survey scores, and more! Become a workflow master, and take your automation to the next level!

9. Hands On Lab: Sales Flow

Role: Sales

Are you new to the sales process within ConnectWise Manage? Join this lab to get hands-on experience with the available sales tools, including activities, opportunities, and dashboards. You will learn everything you need to know about the sales process, including a review of the pipeline to establish the proper sales flow in Manage. This hands-on lab will take you all the way through to conversion, which ensures that your won opportunity turns into the correct record, whether it be a ticket, project, or agreement.

10. Hands On Lab: ConnectWise API

Roles: Owner/Exec, Service, Operations

Using the ConnectWise API library to maximize your experience is easier than ever. Join the platform team as they apply powerful ConnectWise Manage APIs to transform your data into actionable business insights. This is a do-not-miss interactive lab for partners looking to take ConnectWise Manage out of the box. You’ll learn:

  • How to apply the reporting API to grab important financial and comparable information on service delivery

  • How to utilize APIs to solve for sending mass emails to multiple tickets, mass write-offs of time, and duplicating agreements and associated records

  • How to create a service delivery desktop KPI widget that gives you a bird’s-eye view of incoming tickets, while updating priorities and assigning resources

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