Hands-On Lab

Supercharge Your Google AdWords Campaign - Live Lab

Level 201

You already have Google AdWords, and you are already getting impressions and clicks. You might have even gotten some leads, and closed a deal or two. But you just know down deep in your bones that you have not really optimized your campaign. You know there are a million things you could be doing that would improve the results even further. Maybe you are wasting money, maybe you could be getting more clicks, maybe you could get a higher conversion rate if your landing page was better. Not only will you learn about these things in this lab, you will actually be able to fix them on the spot. W. O’Donnell Consulting, Inc. will guide you through your own AdWords account, and point out things to fix during the class to improve your campaign’s overall effectiveness. You will log in to your AdWords account during the session and be able to make changes live. Note: Limited to 50 participants

Round 8 | Friday, Nov. 10 | 10:30AM - 11:30AM

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