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Create an Industry Winning Strategy for Your MSP Business - Lab

Level 401

Many companies believe they have a strategy, but typically, they’ve really just completed an exercise in goal setting. And while goal setting is important, setting targets is not creating strategy. Strategy is understanding how your industry is likely to play out, and getting very clear on the key strategic moves your company needs to make to be positioned for success, both now and in the future. Join this interactive workshop to learn Xcellerate’s step-by-step process in making strategic decisions. Then create a strategic plan for your business with a simple, but effective one page form that will provide direction and focus for your team.

After you set your strategy, you have to execute on that strategy. Business execution means engaging and managing your people to implement your strategy effectively. During this workshop, we’ll share unique and privileged insights into what really works and what doesn’t when creating and executing a winning strategy. During our introduction to The Xcellerate Way, we’ll cover:

  • A proven framework and process to capture your strategy on one page
  • How to build a powerful company culture that can execute your strategy
  • Why you must “delight the few to attract the many” when it comes to choosing your customers
  • Common mistakes to avoid when making strategic decisions and setting goals
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Note: Limited to 50 participants. Bring your laptop!

Round 7 | Thursday, Nov 09 | 4:30PM - 5:30PM

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