Effective & Affordable Online Advertising using Google AdWords

Level 401

Back by popular demand! Does anyone click on ads anymore? Are they even still relevant? While it’s true that many people tend to ignore sponsored links, it’s also true that millions of people click on these links and transact business with the companies advertising on them. If you are new to Google AdWords, or have tried it before without much success, I can show you how to optimize your website and your AdWords campaign to minimize wasteful spending, and focus on likely buyers. This session will demonstrate some tips and tricks in setting up Google AdWords to ensure you are spending your money wisely to give you a maximum return. Setting up an AdWords campaign is pretty straightforward, but optimizing it to work well is not. I will show you how to tune your ads so that you are only reaching out to those most likely to buy your services.

Round 6 | Thursday, Nov 09 | 3:05PM - 4:05PM

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