Pricing and Packaging Strategies to Dramatically Increase Recurring Revenue

Level 401

Gary Pica is back with his most popular topic. Our industry is changing rapidly so don’t miss this updated session that offers proven methods for pricing and packaging your IT service offerings. The service offering is at the center of every MSP’s success. Many MSPs are negatively impacting sales and profitability and they don’t even know it! If your recurring revenue is not increasing each and every month, you need to hear what Gary has to say.

During this session you will:

  • Learn about pricing managed services and cloud: learn guidelines that will take the mystery out of pricing your support offering
  • Packaging your offering: Your support offering impacts sales, service delivery and profit margins
  • Top 3 Mistakes: Learn the 3 most common mistakes IT providers make
  • Learn the answers to your burning questions: What should I include? How many offerings should I have? How should I present the offering?

How you package and price your support offering is the most important decision most IT providers will make. Learn key best practices that ensure you will get it right.

Round 6 | Thursday, Nov 09 | 3:05PM - 4:05PM

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