Breaking Plateaus and Delivering Record Results

Level 401

In the life cycle of every business; plateaus are inevitable. As an ITSP (IT Solution Provider) you are certainly not immune to this phenomenon. What you do about it ultimately determines the success, profitability and longevity of your company. If you are to not only survive but thrive, it is critical that you understand why this happens and what you can do to propel your business to the next level.

We cordially invite you join Brad Schow, who is currently serving as the COO of HTG as he discusses key factors as to why ITSP’s hit growth ceilings and the tangible steps that need to be taken to break the mold. He will also share with you strategic insights as to what companies that grow in a predictable, sustainable way do that companies that are struggling to grow do not. Finally, in this session you will receive key industry benchmarks along with some tips to demonstrate our belief that sweat equity does not equal increased business valuation!

Round 5 | Thursday, Nov 09 | 1:45PM - 2:45PM

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