What is Going On?!? The Entrepreneurial Journey

Level 401

As an owner/entrepreneur, are you growing tired? Fnding yourself spread too thin? Looking for others inside your organization to step up and take some departmental ownership to enable your company to continue to grow? You’re not alone if you’ve tried delegating parts of your business, only to have to take back the reins and keep thing moving yourself. We work with hundreds of MSPs and IT service companies, and have identified the growth patterns and stages every business goes through. It’s not what you think – and perhaps that’s why you struggle to see continuous growth. We’ll talk through the life cycle of an entrepreneurial business, help you identify what stage you are in, and what should be your next steps to success. We can help you build a leadership infrastructure that enables you to focus on the best use of your time.

Round 3 | Thursday, Nov 09 | 10:15AM - 11:15AM

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