Integration – Actually Using the Tools you have to Drive Efficiency and Visibility

Level 201

So, you’re considering, or already have, all of these cool toolsets, but your systems and departments still exist in silos of chaos. Sales, support, projects, HR, finance…they’re all off in their own worlds with minimal to non-existent integration between them. Can your departments really work together efficiently? Can you integrate the efforts of one department with another? Is there a way to use the toolsets you have to drive better efficiency and visibility into your organization?

In this session, we will start by examining the theory behind our approach to integration, rules we use, and what kinds of integration to look for. From there, we will walk through specific examples of how we have used integration (and, in some cases, haven’t used it) to drive our business forward.

Round 10 | Friday, Nov. 10 | 2:05PM - 3:05PM

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