How to Hire, Fire, and Compensate a Sales Pro

Level 101

The people you hire to sell your offering will have a direct influence on how successful your MSP will become. But sometimes the road to a great salesperson isn't so smooth. In fact, that road is so far from smooth that it's more like a dirt path made of broken bones and shattered dreams that exists on the top of Mount Everest smackdab in the middle of a Lord of the Rings movie. But luckily for you, CharTec has a better path. Join CharTec's very own CEO, Alex Rogers as he discusses how to hire, fire, and compensate a sales pro. Learn how to find and keep the right person, while simultaneously weeding out the wrong ones.

Round 10 | Friday, Nov. 10 | 2:05PM - 3:05PM | Celebration 9-10

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