Owner to Non-Owner Lead Sales: A Transition Starter Guide

Level 201

Transitioning from owner led sales to building a sales team is extremely challenging. Hiring your first non-owner sales person is expensive, risky, and leaves you often with more questions than answers. Make a great hire and life is good; fail to manage a good hire and frustration will ensue; make a bad hire AND fail to manage them - you just lost a lot of time and money! This session will cover basic blocking and tackling associated with starting the journey toward non-owner led sales, and lessons learned to set your team (and you as the manager) up for success. Discussion Topics Include:

  • High level Sales Process & Sales Stages
  • Pre-Sales Process Prospecting Activity Expectations (including tracking & reporting)
  • Key Training Milestones & Management Tips
  • Accountability & Opportunity Strategy Coaching
Round 10 | Friday, Nov. 10 | 2:05PM - 3:05PM

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