Advanced SEO Concepts and The Future of SEO

Level 401

This session will focus on advanced SEO concepts to help you set your company’s strategic direction regarding digital marketing as well as the new changes Google is rolling out regarding organic listings. We will learn about Google’s new AI program RankBrain and see how it affects SEO and organic rankings. We will explore how Google is moving from keywords and phrases to user intent by using semantic and linguistic analysis. We will discuss how mobile first and voice searches are changing how Google interacts with users and retrieves information for them. People are engaging with the digital world more and more, if you are not promoting your company and its services online it will be harder and harder to compete in the future. Learn how Google intends to move keyword-centric search into the modern era and what you need to do to ensure your internet presence is highly visible to potential customers.

Round 10 | Friday, Nov. 10 | 2:05PM - 3:05PM

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