Paul Tomlinson

Managing Director, Mirus IT Solutions

Paul Tomlinson has been involved in the IT Industry for nearly 25 years. In his current role, Paul provides IT support to SME customers with a focus on customer satisfaction.

His first role was that of an engineer and he remained in a technical capacity for the first 15 years in the industry. Over the last 10 years, he has moved to an operational management role but continues to drive the technical strategy within Mirus. Paul's first business was founded in the late 90’s and was based on project revenue. When Mirus was created in 2002, Paul knew he didn’t want to go down the path of lumpy revenues again. Mirus was started as a business focussed on recurring revenue making Mirus one of the first UK based MSP’s before the phrase became mainstream. Since the founding of Mirus, the company has undertaken a number of small acquisitions and has managed to grow to £9 million revenue, with over 60% based on recurring revenue. Paul considers himself an active member of the UK IT Community, having held voluntary roles with CompTIA and various business continuity groups, and is actively involved in user groups for the tools Mirus uses within the business.