Chris Behrend

Education Consultant, ConnectWise

Growing up in Illinois, Chris never imagined he would have a career in IT. In 1998 after looking for a job, Chris found himself at Kelly Services - and just like that, his IT career began. Chris liked it so much that he decided to try to make it into a profession. He went back to school and got a degree in Computer Sciences and later on added a Master’s degree in Information Systems. His first job was as a helpdesk technician for a new resort in Tucson, Arizona. He left the freezing winters of the Midwest for the unbearable summers of the desert, but at least then he could play softball and golf all year round and watch his beloved Cubs during spring training! From there, Chris became a Systems Manager and provided a variety of support throughout the company. He soon learned that his favorite part was teaching his associates how things worked.

In 2012, Chris joined ConnectWise Automate as a support engineer, and was eventually called upon to join the training team to help partners learn how to get the most out of Automate. Chris is very passionate about what he does and takes pride in trying to take technical information and finding a nice balance in creating a relaxed learning environment but also relaying the information where partners can absorb it best.