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Sessions You Can't Miss

Automation Nation offers a variety of sessions featuring ConnectWise product training & labs and personal & professional development. Be sure to add these favorites to your agenda, and keep watch for more session details coming soon!

Automate Sessions

Introduction to Network Mapping

Explore Automate’s new Network Map feature. Learn about new features and functions, and how to configure this new tool!

Introduction to Automate v12

Introduce yourself to the newest version of Automate. Steer through new screens and features, as well as familiarize yourself with left hand navigation!

Report Center Lab

Join in this hands-on lab as we explore the ConnectWise Automate Report Center plug-in! The first part of the lab focuses on exploring the fundamentals of navigating and using the Report Center. The second part is an introduction to the Report Designer, teaching you how to personalize a report.

Manage Sessions

Enhancements You May Have Missed

Review important enhancements that have been recently released, and even give you a sneak peek of some things that are coming soon. Get ready to catch up on what you might have missed with ConnectWise Manage.

Service Automation Lab

Automation is crucial in improving efficiency and profitability for your business. Do you know how you can leverage automation initiatives to take your service delivery to the next level? Join this hands-on lab to dive into the service automation features within ConnectWise Manage.

Effectively Navigating ConnectWise Manage

Are you making the most out of this powerful tool? Learn how to navigate and customize your Manage instance to make your day more efficient!

Personal & Professional Development

How to Lead More Effective Meetings

Whether you’re a manager, or an individual contributor, leading a meeting is an import skill as you navigate your career. Learn how to effectively plan and execute meetings that leave the attendees feeling energized and accomplished.

Why Are You Waiting for a Title: Leading and Managing Where You Are!

Great leaders don't wait to be in charge to begin leading. In this session we will give you some helpful guidance on how to have a healthy and balanced view of leadership, how to lead yourself well, and finally how best to lead up in your organization.

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