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ConnectWise Fortify Assessment

Attention-grabbing security risk reports to lead your security conversations

Launching a network security practice isn’t easy. Supported by our rapid response operations center, ConnectWise Fortify Assessment enables you to quickly ramp up your business with a comprehensive offering of expertly-crafted sales and marketing materials, assessment tools, and NFR licenses to operationalize your business. Get immediate insights that will drive conversations and a new revenue stream for your TSP practice.

Learn about the features of ConnectWise Fortify Assessment

Customer-facing reports

Deliver insightful cybersecurity reports that will resonate with your customers in a clear, concise way. ConnectWise Fortify Assessment reporting exposes and explains threats associated with the dark web, risks to endpoint and user accounts, and provides peer-to-peer comparison security strategies.

Quick threat identification

Get daily alerts of all suspicious network events via endpoint and firewall monitoring to keep you and your customers in the know and secure.

In-depth security assessments

You know good security goes beyond a few desktop virus scanning apps and a firewall, and risks hide where your clients least suspect them. With ConnectWise Fortify Assessment, scan networks against known and unknown vulnerabilities to show your clients a holistic picture of their security posture.

Put your security assessments to work

Security assessments are just the beginning. See how ConnectWise Fortify puts your security plans to work with advanced threat detection, monitoring, and a 24/7 global SOC ready to step up and keep threats at bay.

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