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Next-generation protection for endpoints, networks, and end users.

Working Together like Clockwork

It’s time to drastically reduce service challenges, management time, and the cost of integrating endpoint security. Webroot’s cybersecurity business solutions let you augment your portfolio, generate revenue, and maintain profit. With easy-to-use security solutions adopted globally by millions, Webroot delivers superior endpoint security products to the industry, allowing you to meet your clients’ needs for network security, data management, and compliancy.

Webroot & ConnectWise Manage®

Webroot and ConnectWise Manage come together to create a streamlined experience that saves you time and hassle when it comes to doing more with your endpoint security right from your business management solution. Together, these powerful solutions will:

  • Streamline the addition of Products to Agreements for simpler, more accurate billing
  • Make it simple to map between your GSM and the company listing inside ConnectWise Manage
  • Automatically update ConnectWise Manage agreements to increase monthly recurring revenue
  • Utilize multiple methods to determine how endpoints are counted during the billing period

Webroot & ConnectWise Automate®

When you use Webroot alongside your ConnectWise Automate instance, you’re taking advantage of an integration designed to make it faster and easier to manage your endpoint security. And you can do it all for less money than the alternatives, plus:

  • An easy-to-use plug-in with automatic agent discovery and automated agent installation
  • Fully automated threat remediation and comprehensive infection status alerting and ticketing
  • Built-in scripts to make key functions easy to access and execute
  • Customizable monitors for active threats, agent status, and alerts at default or specified intervals
  • Global and client-level dashboards for granular status information in a single pane of glass
  • Seamless integration with Webroot Global Site Manager (GSM) for easier management
  • Full license keycode control and generation for simple, complex, and hybrid environments

What Makes Our Partnership Unique

Why Webroot?

Webroot works with thousands of industry professionals and enjoys consistently high satisfaction ratings in the endpoint security sector. Effective standalone antimalware, cloud-based architecture, automated roll-back remediation, zero definition or signature updates, and low device footprint & increased system performance make Webroot a force to be reckoned with.

  • Intuitive, Cloud-Based Management without On-Premise Infrastructure:
    Minimize administrative overheads and lower operational costs.
  • Installation in Five Seconds or Less without Conflict:
    Deploy in seconds and run alongside existing security for secure, rapid migration.
  • A Powerful Remote Agent Command Tool Set:
    Offer full remote control of individual or groups of endpoints.
  • Global Site, User Group, and User Level Policies:
    Provide hierarchical policy application and enforcement.
  • Transparent Scheduled Scanning:
    Decrease user complaints about system performance due to scans.

Key Facts

More than 85% of malware infections come from web browsing. The internet is a high-risk space for businesses regardless of size.

Unmanaged, uncontrolled web access leads to endpoint and network infections from ransomware, malware, keyloggers, and more.

The right security solution enables administrators to manage endpoint and DNS products across their install base via a single console.

Webroot scans the entire IPv4 space and in-use IPv6 addresses to classify over 95% of the internet at least three times a day.

Webroot security products and services are powered by the cloud-based Webroot BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence Platform, which continually analyzes and classifies over 4 billion IP addresses, 600 million domains, and 27 billion URLs.

Webroot uncovers at least 25,000 malicious URLs, 6,000 new phishing sites, and over 100,000 new malicious IP addresses per day.

“We have been using Webroot to provide malware and security services to our 5000+ endpoints since 2015 and are very happy with our decision. The folks there are uber-helpful, the product is lightweight, fast and effective -- and the technology behind the product is unique, effective and a difference-maker. No, I'm not being paid for this...I'm just a raving fan.”

– Rich Anderson, Imagine IT, Inc.

The Top 3 Attack Vectors and Malware Payloads of 2018

The only certainty in cyber security is change. To successfully mitigate the damage of cyberattacks, you need to know what is being used. Find out more in Webroot’s latest ConnectWise eBook Series.

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