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The Email Laundry
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Working Together Like Clockwork

Email is a direct line between your clients’ employees and potential attackers. One wrong click of a link or download of an attachment and their entire network could be compromised. Stay ahead of devasting email threats with The Email Laundry. Using state-of-the-art security technology, The Email Laundry detects ransomware, impersonation, phishing, and other email attacks, keeping your clients’ inboxes clean. Build a formidable email defense with ConnectWise and The Email Laundry.

ConnectWise Manage Integration

Simplify the management and billing of email security solutions with The Email Laundry and ConnectWise Manage. Integration features include:

  • Automate license count process for easy billing
  • Creation of service notifications as a ConnectWise Manage service ticket
  • Monitoring of license and server issues and problems

ConnectWise Automate Integration

Automate email security licensing and registration for up-to-date protection with The Email Laundry and ConnectWise Automate. Integration features include:

  • View registered customers within ConnectWise Automate
  • Up-to-date licensing information
  • Single pane of glass view into customer domains

Why The Email Laundry?

The Email Laundry is dedicated to one cause—keeping email clean and secure. For over 10 years, The Email Laundry has worked tirelessly analyzing and monitoring the actions of attackers to build the industry-leading email security solution. The result? The Email Laundry has caught and eliminated more zero-day and unknown malware attacks than the rest of the industry combined. When the next threat emerges, The Email Laundry will be ready.

Key Facts

The most powerful sandbox in the industry

Industry-leading impersonation detection

Innovation cycle fueled by front-line experience

Threat intelligence on the attackers and their attacks

Highest rated Secure Email Gateway on Gartner Peer Insights

“We wanted a smarter approach to email filtering for our customers. Specifically, one that would reduce the threat of Business Process Compromise (aka CEO Fraud). Not only does The Email Laundry do this, but also offers a great way to cut the noise from your inbox.”

— Andy Platts, Jireh Solutions

Keep Your Email Clean and Secure

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